Why Yes, There’s Deodorant In My Purse…

This whole mom of five thing is a new world to learn y’all! I find myself asking for grace more times than I can count and realizing I might not ever have things go “as planned” again. Regardless of how many kids you have or what chapter you’re in right now, life is hard and I’m here to share a few things I do to make it easier. Take a load off your shoulders and learn to let go because life is more fun when you do so.

I’m currently four weeks postpartum and I live my life in two hour increments. You can read more about ways I’ve gotten self care during this time by clicking here. Another way I’ve learned to give myself some brightness on hard days is by throwing my filter off and being open, honest and real with y’all. I know you can relate to the lady who doesn’t have it all together even when she tries the hardest. This community has taught me so many things but one of my favorites is sharing the not so fun things and findings ways to live when it feels like you’re treading water.

Vivi’s hospital stay really did a number on me and I didn’t leave her side for a week while she was in the PICU. We stayed in her room where I took baths in the sink and changed into fresh clothing to make myself feel less like a zombie. Since we’ve gotten home, I haven’t ventured out much but I do small trips that feel like the best vacation ever (at this stage.) Let me share…

I’ve made a few trips out of the house to pick up my groceries, take the older kids to the park for 45 minutes and the car wash and those small trips are game changing. I blast my favorite rap songs from back in the day (hello, T.I. “Whatever you Like”) in my mom Suburban and it melts the stress off like ice cream on a hot summer day. I love music therapy with songs that can instantly take you back to a moment in time. Fun fact: when Derrek and I dated, we would sneak away during social gatherings to ride around in his car and listen to music for hours. To this day, it’s one of my favorite things to do when I feel like a bundle of stress. Get your phone out and create a playlist that brings you all the good feels and I swear it will help ease the tension you are holding.

My postpartum body is healing well but I’m still in the midst of regulating my hormones. Cue random weepy emotions and lots of hot flashes. This is a time that I know I can’t do anything but monitor as my body continues to do its thing getting back to normal. Saying “normal” almost makes me chuckle because of how not normal I feel right now. The only thing I can do is prepare for this period and wait for it to pass. I’m relying on essential oils, my placenta capsules, Stinkbug Naturals deodorant and Beautycounter makeup remover wipes for all the above.

As I mentioned above, Vivi was in the hospital for five days. She spent her time in the PICU which doesn’t have bathrooms in the private rooms. There is a sink in each room so I would pull the privacy curtain, strip down and wash with a washcloth and my charcoal bar then put on clean clothes and apply Stinkbug Naturals deodorant. Now that I’m home, I do a similar “bath” when I realize I can smell myself. THANK YOU HORMONES! Because this randomly happens and most of the time when I’m not at home to hop in the shower, I’ve stocked my purse with the Beautycounter makeup remover wipes to do a quick wipe down of funk and then break out my Stinkbug Naturals deodorant and apply liberally.

I’ve been a lover of Stinkbug Naturals for several years now. It is my favorite nontoxic deodorant and trust me, I’ve tried them all! Most non toxic deodorants don’t work or cause skin irritation due to the baking soda ingredients. I’m thankful for Stinkbug because it’s effective and also isn’t crazy expensive. You can read more about my switch to safer deodorant by clicking here. I challenge you to try it for yourself because no one wants to stink or smell themselves. You can use code: SOUTHERNWIFE for 25% off of your purchase.

If you feel like you’re in the thick of life right now, I want you to know that you’re not alone. Grab your car keys and take a drive. Listen to your favorite playlist, dance around and enjoy it! Stock your purse with things that you rely on (for me that’s deodorant, essential oils and wipes right now.) Don’t sweat the small stuff- literally and enjoy at least a few moments of the day.