Why Do You Need a Cleanser?

As I age, I realize the importance of a good skincare regimen. Growing up, I never even wanted to wash my face and now I cant fall asleep or start my day without the feeling of a fresh, moisturized face. In this post, I want to talk about cleansers, but I’ll touch on the importance of a full regimen.

Cleansers are so important because the skin on your face is thin and delicate, and you don’t want to just be moving around the bad stuff (makeup, sweat, dead skin, dirt) instead of removing it.

The easiest way to get your skin care in order is by sticking to a regimen. Y’all, when I finally started a regimen (and eye-cream – I’m not old) I felt so dang fancy and like I made it as an adult, ha! A four step regimen is important because the steps are designed to work in synergy to deliver the best results possible. Here are the basic steps and the benefits of each:

Step 1 CLEANSE: To thoroughly remove makeup and other impurities, cleanse twice daily for hydrated, healthy-looking skin. Our cleansers effectively purify your skin without harsh surfactants that can strip skin of moisture.
*Note: if you like to double cleanse, I love doing this with the Cleansing Balm. Use it first to melt away makeup then follow with your regimen cleanser. For me, it’s the Charcoal Bar – this is what is shown in my pictures above!

Step 2 PREP: Use a toner to get your skin ready for treatment. Our toners clarify, help return skin to optimal pH levels, and prep your skin for maximum product absorption.

Step 3 TREAT: Apply a serum or facial oil. This step packs powerful benefits. Our lightweight, fast-absorbing treatments deliver a concentrated dose of active ingredients.

Step 4 PROTECT: Finally, lock in the moisture. Our day and night creams provide lasting hydration and help strengthen your skin’s barrier—without pore-clogging mineral oil or silicones.

Finding the right cleanser for your skin type, sensitivity level, and problem area, is key. As the first step in a regimen, it’s ideal to preserve the natural oils found in your skin and at the same time, pull the bad stuff out to make the rest of the products in the regimen more beneficial. I’ve broken down our most popular cleansers based on skin types / problem areas below.

• Acne / Oily prone skin: Countercontrol Clear Pore Cleanser or the Charcoal Bar.
• Dry / Sensitive skin: Nourishing Cream Cleanser and you can alternate this with the Nourishing Cream Exfoliator a couple times per week.
• Anti-Aging / Sun Spots: Rejuvenating Face Cleanser
• Normal skin: Countermatch Pure Calm Cleansing Milk

I’d love to know if you have any questions about when/ how often to cleanse, what would be the best type of cleanser for you, and if you need help choosing a regimen. Send me an email and we can chat!