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Sunday Funday at Carolina Roadhouse

This past weekend, Scarlet Reese turned two weeks old! It’s hard to believe that it has been two weeks she since entered our lives, we love life with her! I haven’t really ventured away from home since she was born and I was hit with a case of cabin fever. We decided to make a quick family trip to the beach to eat at one of our favorite restaurants, Carolina Roadhouse, so I could get out of the house for a little bit and we could all enjoy some good food! Before we had kids, Derrek and I used to go there on dates and now as a family, we still love to go there for the same reasons.

When you walk into Carolina Roadhouse, the interior is definitely eye catching. You are surrounded by wooden planked walls and ceilings, custom built booths and huge palmetto trees in the center of the room. The entire building is open so you can see from one side to the other, including an open kitchen. We always sit at a round booth so we can trap the kids in and it’s perfect for nursing without having all eyes on you!

We always start with an appetizer of the fresh handmade croissants… This is  the reason why Carolina Roadhouse is my favorite place to eat! They come out really hot, perfectly flakey and drizzled with the most amazing honey butter. The kids gobble them up so quickly we have to grab a few before they are all gone! When you go eat there, you also HAVE to make sure that you enjoy one of their house salads as well. They make their own dressing (I highly suggest getting the hot bacon honey mustard vinaigrette) and top their fresh greens with almonds, eggs and bacon.  It’s also served with a hot croissant if you don’t splurge on the appetizer of them, enjoy it with your salad!


Whenever we go I switch up what I enjoy for my entrée but this time we went, I ordered the salmon with creamed spinach and it was to die for! The salmon was cooked perfectly and it didn’t even need sauce to dip it in. The kids love fish so they kept coming over to me to get some of mine. I always order the creamed spinach as my side because it is my absolute favorite side! It never disappoints.

Anytime we are able to eat at Carolina Roadhouse, we always leave happy and stuffed! I’ve never had a meal there that I didn’t love and the service always surpasses our expectations. They train their staff to take care of you like they would want to be taken care of at a restaurant and it shows! You never have to worry about your drink not being refilled or waiting a long time for your food. It’s always a treat when we go there and it meant a lot to me to be able to enjoy it after I’ve been cooped up at home. Finding a great place to eat for me is such a comforting notion because food is my love language.