Fall/Winter Porch Inspo With Help From Forest Lake Greenhouses

This post is in partner with Forest Lake Greenhouses. I was not financially compensated for this post and I do not gain monetary gain from this. Please read my disclaimer page for more information. There are affiliate links to other in this post that are linked to me. If you shop those links, I will earn commission.

The front porch or stairs of a home is an extension of your home. I like to think of my front porch as a room in my house that I get to decorate and stage like I would any other place. My normal porch decor includes a layered rug, planters on each sides of the door and wreath. Fall and winter give me the change to go bigger with my holiday decorating and this year, I partnered with Forest Lake Greenhouses to create an inviting porch.

I LOVE going to Forest Lake Greenhouses and to be honest, I go there pretty much every week. It’s a local small business that is such a breath of fresh air for our community. The moment I walk into the greenhouse, I feel so at peace. I suggest checking it out if you’re local to Florence. If you’re not local, you should check out what places are in your area. It is more important than ever to shop local, I cannot say that enough.

I love celebrating ONE holiday at a time and this very much so means FALL and then WINTER. Until Thanksgiving, you won’t catch me with my Christmas out because I really do love pumpkins and fall decor. This year, I was able to one stop shop my entire porch from Forest Lake Greenhouses. The planters, plants and pumpkins together created a really attractive porch. I went with a color theme and then worked from there with a few guidelines and help of Laura, one of the owners of the Greenhouses. I decorate for fall and not Halloween, that’s just a personal choice.

Since we are moving into winter, you can replace your mums and pumpkins with evergreen trees or topiaries. I like the idea of having edible decor so I worked with Forest Lake to create herb planters to transition my fall porch to winter.

I’ll share all the pictures of my winter porch within the next few weeks as I finish adding onto my decorations. Fill space with lanterns, lights and a comfy seat if you have the room. Check out more front porch decor tips below.

1.Designing with balance (clusters of 3)
2. find a color theme
3. assess conditions (wind, sun exposure, etc) all inform design/choice with living things
4. add a unique planter
5. flowers in a bucket
6. fill lanterns with candles or fall/winter decor: pumpkins or ornaments
7. add a comfy seat
8. use a bar cart to create height
9. add a statement wreath
10. keep the colors neutral

I hope this post helps you brainstorm your fall/winter porch process. It really is so much fun creating a beautiful entry space especially with items purchased from your local community. Tag me in any porch inspo you share after reading this post.