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    3 Easy Herbs to Grow No Matter Where You Live

    One of the easiest ways you can save money at the grocery store is by planting your own herbs. For the exact same price as the precut stored in a plastic container herbs, you can buy an herb plant or packet of seeds to plant and revisit over and over again herbs of your own. One thing I really like about herbs is how easy they grow in many different conditions. A sunny windowsill, planter or garden will all be perfectly suitable to grow lots of fresh herbs. Don’t get intimidated by growing them and understand it’s a learn process with lots of room for trial and error. Why is…

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    3 Tips For How I Make Meal Prepping Successful For Myself + My Family

    Meal prepping isn’t something I EVER saw myself doing. The thought of putting together a ton of meals and snacks all at once never seemed very appealing to me UNTIL I realized something. My household wasn’t thriving when I tried to get things together in the moment. We were failing terribly and eating out more frequently AND grabbing packaged things from the pantry instead of real foods. Since that “light bulb moment,” I have realized that meal prepping is something that positively benefits my family and for that I have picked up a few helpful habits that I am sure can benefit yours. Take note of what grocery items are…