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A trip to Thompson Farm

Amanda’s shirt | jeans | boots | bangle | sunglasses
Nolan’s shirt | jeans | shoes
Harper’s dress | moccs | bracelets | bow

Hey y’all! I hope you have all had a great week! I am so sorry that I’ve been a little MIA but this past week was beyond busy. Feeling overwhelmed and filled with trials and tribulations it all comes back around full circle to being abundantly blessed! Our business, Sweet Tea Jewels, needed a little nuturing and growth was in the plans. So here we grow…we are excited to be welcoming three new team members! Two will be helping with our custom made jewelry and the other will be nanny/assisting with our incredibly busy kiddos. We have made some  changes to our packaging/shipping process and spent some much needed time marketing. We have also been collaborating with new boutiques and setting up future events. With all of this in mind or “all on my mind” I have dreamed about it every single night. By Friday, Derrek and I were just a little burned-out. We handle so much by ourselves and these changes are such a blessing but also a lot of work. When you start your own business, people don’t tell you how hard it is. We never knew how much you have to give in order to grow a successful and gratifying business. Most days we work 18+ hours and this past week was no exception. Our nanny starts next week and we cannot wait! She will only be with us a few hours a day and I know how precious each hour will be for our family. I am so thankful we have finally found someone we are comfortable with. It was really important for me to find someone we trust and that the kids really enjoy.
As we are slowly transitioning into the fall season, I knew a trip to Thompson Farms was a must! This past Friday couldn’t have been a more perfect day for our family. We took the day off from work (something we never do) and headed out for some family fun! If youre ever in the Myrtle Beach area in the fall you should take the time to go to Thompson Farms. It is a beautiful farm built over 200 years ago and it has tons of fun for kids! There is a huge pumpkin patch in the front and in the back behind an old farm house is where you can let the kids run free. Nolan and Harper first ran over to this huge inflatable bounce pad and bounced until they couldn’t bounce anymore. There are numerous stations set up like a petting zoo, tall slides, duck races, a balance beam and a big corn bin, all to play in. It’s like a southern ball pit! Who knew that a corn bin could entertain the kids so much during their adventure and I must admit it was my personal favorite! Derrek and I always vibe better after we spend some time outside, it helps clear our minds and is somewhat of a reset button! The kids played so hard during their time at the farm, they passed out as soon as they were in their carseats. I’d say, it was a perfect fall day for all of us!