The Fastest, Most Delicious Organic Pot Roast

My friend Stephinee was kind enough to gift me an Instant Pot after I gave birth to Mercy. Y’all, it has been a big blessing in our lives and something that we use multiple times a week. An Instant Pot is a pressure cooker that has multiple functions (pressure cook, sauté, and slow cook like a crockpot) that cooks under high pressure and only takes 20-70 minutes for most meals. Yes please!
P.S. You can even cook desserts in it. OMG.

I never use my crock pot anymore because I always forget to turn it on at the beginning of the day and then by the time I remember, there’s not enough time to get the food done. The Instant Pot is something that I can turn on an hour or so before dinner and have everything perfectly cooked. We went with the largest size 8 quart for our family and it works perfectly. I normally take any left overs and save them for another meal. Not only that but every time we cook meat, it turns out falling apart perfect. You can’t beat that with a stick.

In our house, we have weekly meal staples and pot roast is one of them. It’s something that the entire family loves and is full of all the good foods that help our immune systems! A good ole pot roast is a comfort food of mine that always makes my tummy full and my heart warm. I love finding ways to make my favorite meals healthy for our bodies. I hope ya’ll enjoy this recipe! Let me know if you make it and tag me in your posts.

-organic pot roast
-organic onions
-organic baby carrots
-organic red potatoes
-beef bone broth
-vegan butter
-Himalayan pink salt
-cracked black pepper

-wash and cube all vegatables and pot roast meat
-turn instant pot on sauté and sear meat on each side
-then add the rest of the ingredients and put on the lid
-press “cancel” then press “high pressure” and cook for 70 minutes
-make sure the vent is closed
-when timer goes off, turn vent to open (I use an oven mitt) and when it stops venting completely you can open it and dig in!