A HUGE Thank YOU for Choosing Clean Beauty!

I just closed out the biggest month of 2021 in my Beautycounter business and I want to scream and shout a big THANK YOU to all of my wonderful clients and members.

When you choose to switch to safer beauty, it really gives me butterflies because you’re supporting something that positively impacts you and my small business as well. By making safer choices like using clean beauty and skincare, you’re reducing your toxic load ten fold. What you put on your body is absorbed like a sponge and by using high quality and nontoxic ingredients, you’re doing your body a major favor.

By shopping through my Beautycounter links, you’re showing me that what I do and share is making a difference and you’re supporting my small business. For that, I say again, THANK YOU!

So what does my first day of a brand new month look like? It looks like taking the time to sit down and THANK my amazing community of clients, members and also the inspiring consultants in my organization that decided to show up and share the message of safer beauty with their dollars and their voices

Writing thank you cards is something I sit down and do every single month (just being real, most of the time its when I’m in carline so I can make the most of my time sitting and waiting – I am a true multitasker.)

Words really don’t fully express my sincere gratitude but a hand writing note is the closest thing I can give you to a bear hug to say thanks!

Maybe it’s because I grew up in the South so that’s just what we do, write thank you cards but I absolutely adore receiving one in the mail because it shows the time you have taken to sit down and write out something thoughtful and manful to me and took the time to send it via snail mail.

We live in a world today where mostly everything is digital so getting something in someone else’s handwriting really does make me SO excited. 

I hope that each and every single one my clients, members and team mates knows just how much I appreciate them and their choices to switch to safer and share their voices on this important topic. Be on the look out for something in the mail from me and if you’re not in my Beautycounter realm yet, visit this page on my blog to learn more.

Thank you cards are from Weekly Walk Thru use code: LSWIFE10 for 10% off and the Nontoxic lipstick bath bombs are from Bubbles by Bridget.