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  • When transitioning to a healthier lifestyle, you don’t have to do it all in one swoop. Making small changes results in a big impact. From taking off your shoes at the door to adding a few Houseplants, it all helps in the process of detoxing your home. 🌱 Check out my new blog post to read more about simple changes I suggest 🌱
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  • I started this blog to be a resource for people wanting to live a healthier lifestyle. Ten years ago I was drinking heavily, smoking, eating fast food multiple times a day and very much so overweight. I decided to make a change and since then my life is completely different! Head over to my blog to read how I did it (and see before and after pictures). I also linked my outfit too 👏🏼
  • Wishing I had these paper bag denim pants in every color! They are so flattering and hide my midsection. I’m four months postpartum and my body still isn’t what it was before I had Mercy. I don’t own a scale because at the end of the day, my happiness doesn’t change because of a number on a scale... it’s how I FEEL. I work out several times a week and eat (pretty) clean. Looking forward to diving hardcore into my nutrition again and bringing y’all along for the ride 👊🏼
  • Fuzzy, unclear random pictures are my fav 💕 I’ve started sending my pictures to the @walmart app to print off. I am determined to make photo albums and have pictures for my kids to look at. Photo albums of my childhood always make me happy to look through and I want that for our family. What’s your fav way to print off pictures? 😍
  • The upside to packing your room and all your toys is getting a “new” daybed. We’ve spent the last two days lounging in her room with mattresses on the floor and she loves it! I am thinking I might keep this situation going once we move 💕
  • Sunday lunch with my babies 💕 can’t believe how our little Sunday tradition has turned into something they look forward to every week! Harper always asks if today is the day we go to @victorsflosc 🤣😍
  • Missing Scarlet Reese being this little and my hair being this long. Time flies to quickly and time hop gives me the feels every time ❤️

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