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  • This is powerful 👊🏼
  • When we go out of town, we always ask around and find the best local places to eat. Everyone kept saying that @bluesurfcafe is where it’s at so we tried it and man 😍 it was SO good! The kids got yogurt and fruit, I ordered this amazing salad and Derrek got meatloaf (anyone else think of Wedding Crashers when you talk abut meatloaf? 🤣🤣🤣) and devoured it within a few minutes. I highly recommend for anyone heading to Wilmington, NC!
  • Quick trip to Wilmington, North Carolina with the fam 😍 what are MUST DO items for us and the kids while we are here? ⚓️
  • Y’all always ask what my cravings are AND if I always eat organic and healthy 👁. The answer is 80/20 right now. I feel so much better when I eat clean and my body turns sluggish when I don’t. To much sugar makes me feel sick and also gives me headaches. That’s not to say that I never have a “vacation meal” like this @chickfila sandwich with extra pickles (because, duh) and lemonade 🍋 I think there is a balance where you can allow yourself cravings but don’t let it become a every day thing. No one is perfect, don’t let them make you feel that way. Your health journey is YOURS and no one else’s 🙌🏼
  • Currently on the hunt for the cutest hair bows for little girls and toddlers. I just realized all of ours are fall/winter colors and the girls are all begging for ones to wear this summer. Please tag your fav shops for bows (not headwraps or turbans) below 💕
  • Enjoyed the most delicious dinner thanks to @lidlus on our back porch today. #ad Since the weather is warmed up, we are all about hanging outside and focusing on simple and fresh meals for our family. With #Lidl grocery store right around the corner, it’s easy to snag all the healthy and organic options our family loves. This balsamic chicken watermelon and feta salad was SO simple to make taking under 20 minutes and didn’t even cost $20 total! How fab is that? It’s rare to be able to feed our entire family for less than that especially when cooking a healthy meal. Head to Lidl and check out their weekly flyer for the recipe and exactly what you need to buy to replicate. #rethinkgrocery #lidlus
  • Rainy afternoons at home are the best 🥰 can’t believe little Mercy girl is starting to pull herself up to stand now. Scarlet Reese always runs over and tells her “GOOD JOB MERCY GIRL!!!” Gotta love having a personal cheerleader 📣
  • Good morning, good morning! ☀️ #ad simple forms of self care mean EVERYTHING when you’re a parent. It’s not often y’all get to see Derrek but I wanna share a big part of his morning routine. Using his @goby electric toothbrush is the first thing he does when he wakes up. When we started dating, I always loved his pearly whites and he takes pride in keeping them that way! Head over to their Instagram to get all the deets on why you need their electric toothbrush in your life! 🙌🏼
  • How do I cook three healthy meals a day and make snacks for everyone?!?!? #ad Answer: I DON’T! Yea, I said it! Sometimes I don’t feel like making a ton of food and we eat out and sometimes we just heat up our @dailyharvest harvest bowls 😍 I’ve been throwing them on top of a salad (remember the one I posted last week?) and chowing DOWN. Head to my blog for my favorites and get a discount code for three free!

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