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  • I haven’t always been a makeup lover but with every passing day I learn a little more thanks to @christy_coleman 😘 and y’all. Thankfully we missed out on major flooding at our home but numerous towns surrounding us in the Carolinas are not so lucky. I know several families including some of our extended family that have lost everything and are currently stuck in their town because the flooding has the roads where no one can get in or out 😭 so many people have lost and will lose everything as the waters continue to rise until the rivers crest. 😩 I can’t do much about it now but pray and I’ve decided to donate 100% of my commissions from @beautycounter to local families in need. If you want to help, shop my social “here comes the Sun” and know that all of the money I would receive will be given to families in the towns that have flooded. I am going to personally give them visa gift cards once the Social closes. Please keep the Carolinas in your prayers during this time ☀️
  • Good morning y’all! Mercy and I are enjoying our morning alone since the other kids are all at school 🙌🏼 I added a “babywearing” tab under my highlights and it shows step by step how to get your baby in a @sollybabywrap. Babywearing used to intimidate me so much but I’ve gotten into a groove and I wear her everyday! Make sure to check it out and comment on this post if it’s helpful❤️
  • Anytime I get ready, Harper very quickly sits beside me and starts talking makeup 🤣tonight on my blog, I’m sharing a big part of why I wanted to live a healthier lifestyle and what that’s like for our kids ❤️
  • Yesterday I felt like super woman. Clean house, coffee, got dressed with makeup and hair, went to the gym and even answered emails and had conference calls. Today has slipped away from me. Three big piles of laundry, two random zits popped up on my face, Scarlet Reese is being super clingy, and I haven’t even checked my emails or gotten on the phone 🙈 the ups and downs of motherhood are real! So happy that I can hide in the kitchen while SR watches Peppa Pig for about five minutes (that’s the ONLY show she will watch and for a very short time) and scarf down a @perfectbar. These are my lifesaver for days that I’m super busy and don’t have the time to focus on myself. You can get a 15% off coupon by going to my blog and searching for the Perfect Bar post. I’ve also had so many questions about this bralette that I love and wear everyday. It’s from @solaceboutique and also linked on that blog with a discount code 😉 go get your shop on!
  • This is the look of a 2 year old that knows she runs the house 🤣 🤦🏼‍♀️ Scarlet Reese is our wild child but we love her silly self. We recently bribed her and Harper for two different reasons but with the same prizes. These caauteeee unicorn pajamas and also new pink sheets for their bed. Head over to my blog to read more 🎀
  • Starting Monday morning off with a nursing sesh and coffee. Mercy only wakes up once to nurse throughout the night. Don’t ask me how because I don’t know! My other Little’s would wake up numerous times... maybe God is throwing me a bone since she is my fourth? 🤣 how many times are you up a night if you have a little one? Surprisingly, Scarlet Reese is the one that wakes up the most of everyone.
  • Going to film a ‘how to’ baby wear in a @sollybabywrap tomorrow. This used to intimidate me but now that I have the motions down, I have worn several of my babies like this. So excited to document this because there are so many amazing benefits to doing this for your baby and yourself ❤️ it’s also how I get anything accomplished with multiple kids around and when I go out in public 👏🏼
  • Working hard on getting recipe blogs together for y’all 🙌🏼 I get asked a ton of questions about this especially. Derrek and I are such foodies! I am constantly looking up new dishes to make at home and when we decide to eat out, it’s always a locals favorite restaurant. It’s not hard to get off track with your diets, especially when traveling. But, I’ve found ways to overcome this without missing out on an amazing meal. Wanna see more? Keep checking in ✌🏼
  • Have you ever heard of a “push” present? It’s something your spouse is supposed to gift you with for pushing out your baby 😍🙌🏼 I mean, it is super hard right?!? On my blog, I am sharing my push present that I received after having Mercy. I waited until I had all the kids and I could have one cohesive gift ❤️ I’ve also got a discount code for you if you decide you want one (also great for a birthday gift, Christmas, Valentine’s or Mother’s Day). Anddd my entire outfit is linked 🔥

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