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  • Midwife appointment today. Baby is growing right on time 🤰🏼
  • Who tends to put themselves at the bottom of the totem pole? Always worrying about meeting everyone else’s needs first? Unfortunately it’s something that most women do and it’s a danger to your health! When we put ourselves last, our health suffers. I don’t often get time to myself but I work with what I’ve got. It might be a sweaty gym session, hair appointment or even swiping on a charcoal mask at home, but I make time for myself. Doing this, has helped me be a happier version of myself that can easily focus on the needs of my family without feeling overwhelmed. When I find myself not getting *me time* in some shape or form, that’s when things shift. What is your *me time* consist of?
  • Y’all... I cannot believe how much food we have grown in this short amount of time 🙌🏼 🍃 Derrek and I decided about 7 years ago to start gardening and growing our own food and it’s been an interesting and fun adventure. Now that Nolan and Harper are older they love it too 👏🏼❤️ head to my blog to see what all we’ve already harvested and how you could grow your own food in any space, big or small!
  • What’s better than non toxic sunscreen that protects you from UVA (aging rays), UVB (burning rays) and bluelight (oxidizing aging rays)? ☀️FREE☀️non toxic sunscreen that protects you from UVA, UVB and Bluelight 🙌🏼 if you spend $125+ from today until May 28th, you’ll get a free @beautycounter Countersun lotion and mist to use all Spring and Summer 🏖 make sure to send me a DM or email so I can get you into my customer appreciation program and also help you decide what makeup colors and skincare regimen you need ❤️
  • As much as I work on my phone and computer, I never thought twice about how it could affect my health. When you're exposed to high levels of blue light, your eyes work extra hard to cope with these High Energy Visible (HEV) wavelengths. Using blue light glasses helps keep the eyes relaxed during screen time, reducing or eliminating symptoms of digital eye strain. 😎 if you’ve got a business that you work from your phone or computer, have trouble sleeping, feel like you’re straining your eyes or work at night, you definitely need these! Make sure you follow my Amazon account where I have these cute ones linked and grab them ❤️ “little southern wife”
  • Last month the kids had their spring break. We decided to do a little vacation to Myrtle Beach, SC and soak up the beach 🏖 I had so many questions about this family travel location that I write a post so you can reference if you are planning a trip. Note: this is a family friendly guide with a discount for an @airbnb booking 🙌🏼 head to my blog for the details on our house for the week, the best restaurants and entertainment for your trip! 🎡
  • Ayyyy girl, I see you trying to do better than you did yesterday. Feeling the overwhelming urgency to use your voice to do something greater. Wanting to share the goodness that can come by having a non toxic life (inside and out) and settling into your newfound voice. I know it can be scary to do things outside of the norm and then get ridiculed for it. It’s going to happen. You could be the ripest, juiciest peach and there’s going to be someone that hates peaches 🍑 it’s life! What I don’t want you to do is let that fear sedate you. Let it make you realize how big your purpose is. Y’all always ask about my wrist tattoos and my favorite is a scripture in Hebrew from the book of Esther. Esther 4:14, it helps overcome that since of fear every single time it tries to over take me. You can hear more about my story and the way you can use your voice to do good by clicking my “Esther 4:14” highlight or going and reading that book in the Bible. You have a voice, and you just have to be brave enough to share it. Big things happen when we choose to be a Light 💡
  • ❤️
  • Happy Sunday y’all! I hope you use this day to get your mind right and focused to have a wonderful week ❤️ you have a voice and that voice is called to do big things, even if it’s only speaking positivity and love into YOUR life. Focus on listening to what God calls you to do and share. What can divide us, God has meant that to bond us together. The only way we understand is if we cross lines and talk to one another. Once we kick out the things In our life that we’re never meant to be brought in, this is what our family is meant to be like. You and I have to go first, we have to fear God more than anything else. We look down on no one when we realize that the ground at the cross is level.

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