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  • Church + lunch = time for snuggles and a nap with my lovie ❤️ If y’all knew how mad she was because she had to wear her cowboy boots. This two year old gives our entire family a run for their money 🙈
  • I share a lot about my job because it’s pretty much the most amazing one in the entire world (in my opinion). I have worked hard over the last four years to get myself out of debt, pay off student loans and provide for my family. 
Something that started purely for a discount on the products has turned into a lucrative full time job. I am so thankful for the blessing that was given to me by being asked to join as a voice for safer beauty. Even though I turned it down time and time again because I thought it wasn’t worth it. All the doors that slammed in my face kept pushing me back to the path I needed to take. 
Here I am four years later with friends all over the US and Canada because of this job. Ive traveled to California, Minnesota, Nashville, Washington DC and soon Palm Beach, Florida because of this job. I’ve helped people find safe products to use and detox their bodies. I’ve helped people make connections to issues they have with their bodies like infertility and eczema because of this job. I have also cleared up my own psoriasis because NOW I KNOW.... I am able to stay home with my kids and make an income that bypasses anything I could make with any college degree. 
And I was sent this package as a “thank you” from my company. You have no idea how meaningful this package was for me. I am forever appreciative and so happy to call this my job. 💕
  • Spent the early part of this morning cutting up all the fruit and veggies and making them easily accessible for snacking. Anyone else do this? I have gradually purchased glass containers to phase out the plastic and I always soak them then rinse and cut. Everyone is drawn to them if I prep them this way verses them just turning moldy and uneaten. With our family being as large as it is I’ve had a big lightbulb moment that I want to quit being so wasteful. I would love to hear your tips!
  • When the kids ask for a sweet treat (aka parfaits) from @chickfila you go with it and grab yourself a lemonade 🍋
  • Baby, all I want for Christmas is YOU 🎄🎁💋 That lipstick I’m wearing isn’t harmful to my sweet babe. It’s the safest there is. Tested numerous times for heavy metals and never made with toxic chemicals. Meet GALA by @beautycounter and @christy_coleman 💋 photo by: @amber_coker_photography
  • Nothing like a little celery juice to start the morning 🌱 I am half way through @medicalmedium’s new book and am blown away. There are so many incredible things we can learn from our bodies. It is very important to me to take my health into my own hands and do better every single day. I can’t wait to share my before and after pictures just one month into this new routine.
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  • Nolan told me I looked cool today and asked if he could take my picture. Thanks buddy, you just get IT 😘
  • My Mercy girl ❤️ ok y’all! I’ve had so many questions about what presets I use to edit my pics and I’ve got them up on my blog right now. I love this easy to use collection. You can swipe right to see a before and after editing and head to my blog for a discount code when you purchase from @mariellemarie_ 🙌🏼

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