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  • Scarlet Reese is a TWO-nager and oh so proud of it. She’s just so different from my other three. She gets mad when I don’t button her coat up to the tip top, has to pick out a specific color cup, plate or pair of shoes and screams bloody murder if I ask her to wear a vest 🤣🙈 I have never considered using a baby leash until she came along (don’t worry internet trolls, I’ve never even bought one for her 😬) because she just runs away as quickly as possible in any place outside of our house. Tell me this is just a phase or is this her personality for the rest of her life? Help me prepare myself 🤣
  • Missing my hair this long and Harper so little and sweet. I’m thinking about trying @barefootblondehair extensions until my hair grows out. Have any of you ever tried extensions? I don’t want to use anything that will mess up my hair. I’m a newbie, never had them. What are your thoughts? Should I just stick to collagen and prenatals? Help a sista out 👊🏼
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  • Packing, working, picking up the kids, packing, working, gym... ahhh this week is killer! 😬 I can’t believe that we have less than a week until we move out of this rental. I haven’t felt much like preparing a lot of meals especially during lunch but I am so thankful that @212mealprep has me covered! Today, I’m enjoying BBQ chicken and green beans - one of my fav southern meals 🙌🏼 Derrek and I love their pre made meals because it allows us to eat clean during our busiest season yet. @212mealprep meal prep has numerous locations through out the Carolinas and you can easily navigate their website to pick your meals and pick up date. I’ve teamed up with them to give away FIVE meals of the winners choice! All you have to do is follow both of our accounts and tag a foodie friend in the comments! Giveaway ends Sunday, good luck! 🥘
  • When transitioning to a healthier lifestyle, you don’t have to do it all in one swoop. Making small changes results in a big impact. From taking off your shoes at the door to adding a few Houseplants, it all helps in the process of detoxing your home. 🌱 Check out my new blog post to read more about simple changes I suggest 🌱
  • I started this blog to be a resource for people wanting to live a healthier lifestyle. Ten years ago I was drinking heavily, smoking, eating fast food multiple times a day and very much so overweight. I decided to make a change and since then my life is completely different! Head over to my blog to read how I did it (and see before and after pictures). I also linked my outfit too 👏🏼
  • Wishing I had these paper bag denim pants in every color! They are so flattering and hide my midsection. I’m four months postpartum and my body still isn’t what it was before I had Mercy. I don’t own a scale because at the end of the day, my happiness doesn’t change because of a number on a scale... it’s how I FEEL. I work out several times a week and eat (pretty) clean. Looking forward to diving hardcore into my nutrition again and bringing y’all along for the ride 👊🏼
  • Fuzzy, unclear random pictures are my fav 💕 I’ve started sending my pictures to the @walmart app to print off. I am determined to make photo albums and have pictures for my kids to look at. Photo albums of my childhood always make me happy to look through and I want that for our family. What’s your fav way to print off pictures? 😍

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